dVault delivery system represents state of the art security for parcels, packages, mail protection

d'Vault Mailboxes


 In  an August 17, 1999 article in the Wall Street Journal, the question was  raised, how do we keep all this stuff safe that people are ordering via  the exponential growth of Internet shopping? 

Locking  mailboxes cover the safety of mail delivered to your home, but what  about those packages left by UPS and other delivery services on your  front doorstep?


The epidemic of mail  theft should not be ignored as an equal threat to package delivery.  It  certainly makes no sense to have high priced items purchased by mail or  online dropped outside your house in a box, exposed to weather, when  mail thieves are infiltrating towns and cities in the United States. 


The dVault Company manufactures skillfully engineered designs for both secure parcel and mail delivery. Shown are several models which can satisfy any home or commercial needs for secure parcel and mail delivery. Made in the USA!