Jayco Mailboxes Customized, Unique - Large Capacity in an Artfully Built, Well-Conceived Design

Jayco Mailboxes


Ideal security mailbox for businesses and homeowners. The Jayco is the best locking U.S. Postal Service approved mailbox your money can buy. The Jayco line of mailboxes and other custom products are  proudly  manufactured in the United States of America. 


Design was  patented in  1994 and approved by the U.S. Postal Service pursuant to  USPS Standard  7, mailboxes, City and Rural Curbside.  Due  to the Jayco exceptional design, it is no coincidence that  the published  USPS specifications for locking mailboxes uncannily  resembles the Jayco manufacturing the Jayco mailboxes  locally in the USA  enables the manufacturer to maintain a large volume  of inventory while  providing the customer, with the option to customize  your product. 


There are three lock options for your Jayco mailbox:

1) Standard Double-cam lock with 3/16” stainless steel hook engages to  mailbox frame,

 2) Upgraded 11 gauge cam in addition to the CLAW  mechanism, 

3) Medeco Deadbolt Lock with the CLAW mechanism. 

Made in  USA